Le voyage d’une vie

Cette partie du blog est en anglais! Je venais de graduer de Concordia à l’époque et parlais anglais la majeure partie de mes journées… Oups 🙂 Traduction à venir !

*Suite du voyage en Thaïlande*

Thursday, February 2, 2006- SYDNEY

That’s it! We’re finally here in Australia!! Can’t beleive it!! Yesterday was a rough day. I hadn’t a second of sleep in the plane so I was really tired. We did all our stuff for bank account, visas and mobile phone already…

This morning we went to the famous Opera House and WOW! It’s incredible to actually BE there…I’d seen it so many times in movies, even in Finding Nemo, and there I was this morning finally touching it!! Sydney Harbour is just wonderful!! Sydney really is a clean city

The Opera House!!!

I’m not afraid to wonder around without looking at the map ’cause you can always end up in a nice corner of the city. They have huge parks. We walked in the Royal Botanic Garden this morning and it was beautiful. It’s a bit like London, and apparently like Vancouver too…A Harbour city with nice people!!

The food is more expensive than back home but when you think about it, we are after all on a big island, so i guess everything costs a little more to ship here. So we do our grocery and cook at the hostel instead, makes us save money. Apparently, we kinda have the Australian look already since in two days, 3 people have asked us for directions…hahaha I guess we look familiar with the place even though we aren’t!

New friends at the hostel

So that’s pretty much it for today…Tomorrow we’re going to Bondi beach. THe guys who runs the hostel drives people there every morning….we save money again 🙂 For the rest of our stay here we’;; see… I’d like to cross Harbour Bridge my foot…I guess we’ll see with time!!

Good bye yall!!

Saturday, February 4, 2006- SYDNEY

Hi everyone!!!

Ok, so the weather hasn’t been that great in the last few days which is why our pictures ( are a bit darker 🙁 But today we
walked again in the Royal Botanic garden and saw some Flying foxes…or if you prefer, huge bats that scream like babies!!:s

We also went to the Art Gallery of New South Whales and saw and exhibitions and video art from High School students and beleive me,the videos were INCREDIBLE!!

At Luna Park!

I saw nothing like that into our TV 2 classes and these are just kids!!! Australians are very art-oriented and they create really nice things!!!

We then headed for Harbour Bridge but stop by The Rocks to look at the Saturday market….Tons of nice little things but hey,we’re backpacking so pretty much impossible to buy everything we findnice!!
So we walked across the bridge, chilled out on the north shore with the Opera House view and visited Luna’s park,which is an amusement park {see the picture of me with the funny-weird big clown face) and then headed back to our hostel….A little 10 km (approx) walk today…
So now it’s saturday night,don’t know yet what to do…Last night we had a free BBQ and beer at our hostel…Tons of fun!!:)
Leaving Sydney probably on Tuesdsay

Sunday, February 5, 2006- BONDI

Hey everyone…
So what they say about the sun in Australia is true… It was a half cloudy half sunny day…in the end it was just sunny. Put SPF 30 sunscreen 3 times in 3 hours and got burned….Well I’ve seen worst but I’m pretty red right now and obvisouly, none of it is actually equal…Anyways, i
guess it’s part of the deal!! I’m putting lots of after sun cream to recover fully. Phil’s happy i’ll finally have a tan. I’d been avoiding the sun for the
first 2 weeks, too intense. But the beach was kind of the place to tan, no?

So,Went to Bondi beach today which was a half hour bus ride from our hostel….Really nice beach with lots and lots of people….The waves were
pretty big, which is perfect for surfing

Bondi Beach

 I swam a little bit…Stayed close to the shore where the little kids were :p But there are lots of lifeguards looking

after swimmers…Still, big waves scare me…They we’re not THAT big but they were pretty powerful!

Anyways, we had fun and headed back to our hostel where we did our laundry….So much fun doing laundry in a hostel…Soap
leftovers on our clothes, had to wash half of them again in the sink and of course, now it’s 10 pm and none of them are dry. Tried to fix my « corde a linge » in the bedroom, but since it’s an elastic rope and the walls are too far apart, the rope hit me on one of my sunburn…ouch…but we laughed big time…So now our roomates are going to find tons of clothes hanging everywhere in the room (we kind of forget about the whole corde a linge idea)…Poor them :p

Last night we jsut drank beer with people from the hostel and talked until 1 am…Learning about different places in OZ to go or not to go, really
Supposed to be a rainy/thunderstorm day tomorrow….we’ll see what we’ll do with that!!

Ciao everyone and thanks for writing!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006- MELBOURNE

HI everyone. We got to Melbourne yesterday after a long 12 hour bus ride…Didn’t sleep much but hey, that’s part of the deal! The thing is, every
time you arrive in a new city, you have no idea where you are, no idea where your hostel is, and no idea how to reach it. Sydney was easy, we had a pickup from the airport but Melbourne was the real deal….Rain and an hour of walking in the wrong area…you know…it’s always like that.

But we finally found our place (St. Arnaud hostel) a kind of B& B with old furnitures…The staff is jsut great and they really really want us to feel just like home

Melbourne sous les nuages
We walked a little bit yesterday towards the city…had to run a few trimes because of the rain but it cleared up at the end of the day. Melbourne is
very English as in Victorian..It’s different from Sydney…It’s more relax…i can’t realy explain it.Lots of jobs around here too…Especially in marketing, sales and promotions…no experience needed!!???!!!! So i’m thinking i might do that kind of job back from NZ….We’ll see!!
Today, we’re walking around st. kilda, the backpackers area of Melbourne….It’s still a bit cloudy and not super warm but hey, we can’t complain, at least it’s not snow!!!Talk to you soon!!

Monday, February 13, 2006- GREAT OCEAN ROAD

WOW!!! Can’t tell you how much i’ve seen in the past 4 days… Pengouins, kangooroos, koalas, wombats, wallabies, ikidnea, crayfishes, lizards, dingoes….

All that in the wild…the real Australia!!! Our tour was really cool!!! (Autopia tours) We saw topns of stuff, stayed at incredible places (Asses Ears Wilderness Lodge: definitely the best place during this tour, lsot in the middle of nowhere with kangooroos in the backyard!!)
Hiked the Grampians, the part that wasn’t burnt by all the bush fires of the last month. Met people from around the world: 14 people in our bus; 2 from Israel (did you know that girls need to do 2 years in the army after high school and then they can choose to study in what they want after…?) I Japanese guy who didn’t talk english, 1 french who was soooooo annoying, we just couldn’t stand him, we were the first quebecers he ever met…

Notre groupe sur le Great Ocean Rd

 1 spanish, 1 german, 2 girls from the netherlans, 1 from Norway, 2 from england…anyways, you get the picture! It was a fun group…but 3 days is the maximum i think i can spend with so many people in the same secluded bus/hostel/dinner hall….

Now we’re getting ready for NZ…leaving tomorrow morning. Sleeping at the airport tonight ’cause we love airports :p
I could write a ten page blog for the past 4 days but i just wrote tons of emails and my fingers are just tired :p I guess you’ll have to check the pictures and see by yourself all the wonders we’ve seen!!!! (
Next blog from NZ!!!!

(17 février au 1 mars en Nouvelle-Zélande!)

Thursday, March 2, 2006- MELBOURNE

Hey everyone!!
That’s it! We’re back in the Kangaroos country!! We were exhausted last night but we managed to get a good night of sleep (finally).

Today we went shopping at Queen Victoria Marcket and I spent about 150$ for souvenirs, fruits, vegetables and meat!! I’m sick of cheap fast food!! But the thing is, everything is cheap at Victoria’s market so we bought good food for a good price! Can’t wait to have lunch and dinner 🙂
Our plans for the next few days are still a bit fuzzy…We’re are calling for jobs and we’ll see in the next few hours where we are heading tomorrow to work!!
Just so you know, our cell phone is now working again now that we are back in OZ, so feel free to give us a few minute call, it’s free of charge for us 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Saturday, March 4, 2006 MELBOURNE

This is it…this is officially our last day in Melbourne…Adelaide is our next destination after a « fun » night bus ride of 10 hours…
We went to the superb Melbourne Aquarium today and saw big sharks 🙂 (Got a rebate for being student AND backpackers 🙂
Last night we walked by the Yarra River …the city is just amazing at night….Lots of entertainment and good Italian icecream 🙂
Met a woman in our dorm who’s about 60 something and going around the world….She just couldn’t stop talking though….hahaha
Anyways, so we went back to the market this morning for one last time, buy good fruits for the long bus ride and we are now ready to leave….
Next post from Adelaide!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2006- ADELAIDE

Hey everyone..I know it;s been awhile since i wrote on my blog but i guess i just wasn’t that inspired…
So yeah i’ve been in Adelaide for 5 days now. It’s (again) a very different city from the other ones….Pretty big in distances to walk yet not very populated (1 million only). However, Adelaide is THE festival city….2 running at this moment and another one starting this weekend….Promoting art, music and performances….It’s great!

Apart from that, Adelaide has a few nice beaches (the water is not that clean though) but we enjoyed it a few days ago. Oh, by the way, this is a note for all of you who might once need Phil to put sunscreen on your back: DON’T ASK HIM to do it :p He didn’t really feel like doing it so he put sunscreen on my back at really random places….Resultat: weird little sunburns everywhere on my back….with his finger prints a bit everywhere ( we had a good laugh at it ) So you’ll all be aware!! :p

We’re leaving on Saturday morning by bus to go to Alice Spring! Can’t wait to see the Outback! It’s going to be awesome!!! Notice for all travellers, book you train ticket on the Ghan in advance since it’s only twice a week, it fills up really fast….It was already full for us so we have to jump on a bus (yeah! i missed taking the bus..beurk) So yeah, so far we’re chillin’ in Adelaide…Couldn’t find a job that didn’t want us to stay for a few months and as you know all, our time is very limited…We’ll see what the east coast has to offer! But before, the nothingness of Australia, the OUTBACK!!!! 🙂

We’ll be sleeping on saturday night at Coober Pedy a underground city!! coooolll 🙂

Sunday, March 12, 2006- ALICE SPRING

Hey yall!
Wow! The outback is the REAL Australia!! Nothing for miles around…Have you seen Crocodile Dundee? Well, it’s like that with bushes and dead cattle and dead kangaroos by the road…It’s pretty intense…The heat is….well it’s just HOT!!! The first day was around 45 degrees Celsius…No kidding!! This is hot as hell!! I mean you get out of the A/C bus and you think you’ll have a breeze of fresh air or something but nope, just super warm wind, a bit like a hairdryer….so not a cooling breeze at all!
Anyways, so our bus got us to Cooper Pedy, the world capital of opal and the world’s almost only place where most of the town lives underground! That was quite something as we actually slept underground ourselves…Weird smell, dusty and really really really dark dorms….I had a few nightmares actually :p but hey, whatever, it was a really cool experience!! A tour of the mine museum was included and we got to see how people were actually living underground. As some people say here in Alice Spring, some of them have been underground for too long and are a bit weird …:p The city was well, not quite a city actually! On restaurant, one pub, one grocery and petrol station and the rest was mostly like planet Mars (which is actually where they sometimes shoot films happening in some weird remote area) with red sand dunes due to opal digging!

So, the bus took us this morning towards Alice Spring…about 600 kms from Coober. Along the way, I saw a few eagles and the bus driver stopped to show us a thorny Devil which is a bit like a dinosaur but is actually the size of a hand…Anyways, so that was cool…but long…
Finally got here in Alice about an hour ago…Got our room, we’re staying at Annie’s Place and so far it looks great!!! The internet is closing in a few minutes so I won’t have time to write you all e-mails but I will tomorrow. So yeha the place is great, the town seems bigger than I was expecting (28 000 people) and it seems really nice here…Still warm but there’s a pool here!! Oh yeahhh!! 🙂

Tomorrow, we’ll check out the tours to get to Uluru and try to enjoy a bit the Red Center of Australia!!! Except for the intense heat and thousands and thousands of flies, it actually looks pretty cool!! Can’t wait to find out more!!!


wow! So many things to tell you!! I can’t believe I’ve seen and done so much in 3 days!
So we took this 3 and a half day tour with Outback Safaris and our tour guide wanted to be called Chief :p The 3 1/2 day is really the best one to take basically because it gives you time to see everything without being on a rush! we saw all the others groups rushing to do everything while we could actually have time to avoid the crowds which was great for all the walks we had to do!

Day 1: Alice-Kings Canyon…Bus bus bus…

day 1 was basically going to kings Canyon for our first night stop…Got there around 7:30pm….Our campsite was basically a fire pit and…that was it :p While Chief was cooking dinner, we started the fire with the wood with had picked earlier. Chief cooked us a good spagetthi sauce with pasta that we hate around teh fire. Then we installed our swags around the fire (but not too close since they are not fire proof :p) So I slept on the ground in my sleeping bag in a swag….and the sky was magnifique! Wow! never seen so many stars! The moon was the best light ever (actually kept me awake for a while!) the first night was short as we went to bed at 11pm (actually fell asleep around midnight) and woke up at 4 am by Phil who woke me up because there was a Dingo close to my head!!! As I turned around I saw the Dingo by the trees a bit further! Wow, this is called sleeping in the wild!! 🙂 Love it!

Day 2: Kings Canyon-Yulara

gone form the camp by 6 am (still dark outside, only the moon to show us the way to go) went for a 4 hour walk/hike at Kings Canyon! Chief gave us a good tour explaining us about plants, animals and aboriginals…
Then heading the rest of the day to Yulara for our next two nights… Got to Yulara in an actually campground with tents (BUT we were there to experience the Swag culture, so the tents were only there if it was raining!) Chief cooked us dinner (steak and saussages on the BBQ) while we went to see the sunset on Uluru….Great colours changing at every minute of the sunset! It was great! Went to « bed » and actually slept better tahn the night before…But again, the moon was so strong uin the sky that I felt as if someone had turned on the light so it woke me up a few times 😉 No dingoes this time..heard them from far ways though ;p

Day 3: Uluru -Kata Tjuta

Again, woke up at 5am, had breakkie and left for the sunrise on Uluru…We went to the official sunrise spot in the National Park. 2000 people gather there every morning! So it’s pretty hard to take a picture without having someone standing in front of your camera!! To get out of the circus, our guide took us right after sunrise at kata Tjuta and wow!! This is such a great palce to walk. Did a 8 km hike/walk and saw great sceneries!

then went back to camp for lunch, went to Aboriginal Cultural Center and then Phil and I decided to hike Uluru!! with 65% inclination at a few palces, it was one hell of a hike let me tell you but god was it worth it!! The scenery at teh top was WOW! and the rest of the rock seen from the top looks like planet mars…no trees, no flowers, nothing!!
Then went to the official Sunset spot for dinner with again, 2000 people! chief cooked us a great thai chicken with pasta and we ate while the sun was going down on Uluru! Magnifico!

Let me tell you though that after all this hiking in one day, my legs were really tired!! I was in bed at 9pm!

Day 4 base walk at Uluru-return to Alice

Attacked the base walk of Uluru (10 kms) at 6am while the sun was still sleeping. what was great is that we could actually see the sunrise on the rock while we were walking by the Rock! took us 2 hour and then hopped on the bus straight to Alice again!!
Went to take a few drinks with everyone last night and today we’re getting ready for our tour on Tuesday….
HOWEVER…I don’t know if you guys have seen this but there is a HUGE Cyclone hitting Cairns TODAY! (where we were heading in 24 hours…) so we’ll have to change our plans, i don’t know how and where…we’ll see…
I’ll give you some news soon!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006- ALICE SPRING

Hey yall! Ok, lastest update…
We’re in the country of No worries here…So apparently, there is nothing to worry for our tour leaving tomorrow am for Cairns….By the time we’ll get there, everything should be fine. HOWEVER, another cyclone is forming and might hit the east coast…So, I’m a bit worried right now but apparently, the bus driver wont let us in the middle of a cyclone, our tour might just be extended for a few days until it get calmer on the east coast…
For weather update:
Talk to you all in a few days…or more….time will tell!

Friday, March 24, 2006- CAIRNS

Hoy Hoy everyone!
Wow! The last three days were pretty intense…Lots of bus…two days of 12 hours and 1 days of 8 hours…I couldn’t wait to arrive in Cairns!

Cyclone Larry affected a bit the weather along the road…Cloudy and rainy. THe thing is, when it rains in the desert, the highway (by highway, i’m talking about gravel and sand routes with only one lane) gets flooded and it creates mud….Lots of mud. I would’ve never been able to drive in these conditions. It was so windy outside that the red sand blocked the drivers view (jsut like a snow storm but with sand) Every time we got out of the coach of a toilet break, I came back in the bus and wiped my face with baby wipes to find the tissue super orange after…Irk!
So during the first of driving, the road was so muddy that it was impossible to actually drive straight. The bus was doing S curves in the mud, exactly like when there is too much snow on a road and you can’t keep the car steady! We saw a few cars stuck and a bick road train. We couldn’t stop to help them out because if we had, we would’ve stayed stuck too!! So when the bus driver was seeing kangaroos or cattles in the middle of the road, he had no choice to honk to chase them away; stopping was not an option! :p

I ended up for the first night on a cattle farm at a place called Wirrilyeria (or something like that). The couple had cooked us an excellent dinner on the fire and were waiting for us to get there before feeding their two baby kangaroos (see pictures on Phil’s website!). So we each got our turn at feeding the babies!! So fun! They also had a lamb and three dogs in their courtyard. After an ok night of sleep, we went back in the bus to head to Hugheden. The thing is, all the roads we were suppose to take or the places we were supposed to go to in the tour, we couldn’t go because the rain had flooded the access to them. We just ended up in Hughenden earlier, had a few beer, nice buffet dinner and back to bed.

The last day was the longest ever! We didn’t really stop anywhere exciting except at the smallest pub in Australia (53cm x 103 cm) for lunch. No rainforest walking like it was supposed to first because the rainforest after the cyclone was a bit of a mess, second ’cause it was dangerous because of snakes and third because we had to do an extra 600kms since all the roads south of Cairns were closed to traffic. The only way into Cairns we from the north. So we took 6 different highways and finally got into Cairns last night around 6h30-7pm!

Currently staying at Calypsso hostel which is really nice. On of the guy in our room sleep walks and talks :p funny! Tomorrow, thinking of heading north towards Cape Tribulation and the nice beaches and rainforests. It is pretty cloudy and it rained a bit this morning but hey, after all, we are in the Tropics, so rain is almost always expected!

After Cyclone Larry
Cairns hasn’t been really touched. A few trees here and there are down but that’s it! I’ve seen much worst when I went to Halifax a few years ago after the Hurricane… Really here’s totally fine and we’re heading north for a few days (maybe a week) so that will give plenty of time for the roads to be cleared going south!
Cairns is a really nice city, small, not too big, which is good…Not much during the day to do expect shopping or going to the Great Barrier Reef (which I’ll do soon enough!)
That’s pretty much it for now!

Sunday, March 26, 2006 PORT DOUGLAS

Voila!! Rented a super duper wicked now named Kissey and drove her along the nice roads up to Port Douglas…Only 60 kms north of Cairns, this little city seems to be the getaway for the rich and famous with heaps of big resorts! Not quite the backpackers usual surroundings but hey, after all, we sleep in the van so who needs a big suite with a balcony?

I cooked excellent pastas on the propane stove and it actually turned out to be quite good and lots of fun to cook outside! It’s like camping but better!! 🙂 Not a lot of night life though for a saturday night. Didn’t end up partying much but I have the rest of the east coast to do so!
So what’s next? Either going up to Cape Tribulation or going back towards Cairns, we have a whole week with this baby!! 🙂 Heaps of fun in OZ!!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006- CAPE TRIBULATION

wow! what an intense three day I had!! Never thought the rainforest of Australia was so thick and deserted!! No phone in a national park guys, even less internet!

After the high class Port Douglas, the magnificient Kissey took us to Mossman, a quiet little town, especially on a sunday. Decided to go a bit further to find a great spot to sleep and Cooya beach was the night destination (10 min away from the « city’) (see picture on phil’s website) Nothing feels better than cooking, eating and sleeping by the ocean in a comfy van!! waking up the next morning and opening the side door and seeing the palm trees and ocean is also a great feeling, let me tell you 🙂

Kissey then took us to Daintree where my Let’s go guide luired me into thinking there was something to do there…except 30$ cruises on Crocs infested rivers, nothing to do there so we went straight to the Daintree National Park (rainforest and wildlife!) Kissey had a few problems going up the huge hills at the beginning of the ride and her brakes had trouble going down all of them too….But we finally made it! Stopped on the way to Thorton Beach which was just beautiful!! It’s awesome to see the rainforest disappearing on a huge white sand beach! It was great and there was no one!! We could scream and run and roll on the sand if we wanted to! hahaha
Finally made it to Cape Tribulation (never thought we would we Kissey….) and it was great! Huge beach, again with the rain forest, it’s awesome…Didn’t quite look like on the postcards or on the internet but blame it on the weather ’cause it is a nice beach!

Since we were on a national park, had no choice to sleep at a camp ground (Cape Tribulation Campground) so i could finally take a good shower!! Felt soooo good! It started to rain at 7pm that night and stopped at 7-8am the next morning!! i didn’t sleep much, i was so worried the streets were going to be flooded (yeah, flooded, ’cause that’s what happens in that area!) Anyways, finally the streets were okay the next day, went back to Thorton beach and finally headed back to Mossman to get back to our favorite spot for the night Cooya Beach!! 🙂

This morning, we left for Cairns but stopped on the way to Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures Farm which is like a huge farm/park where they breed crocodile (they have over 3000 of them) to make purses and belt and also for shows! had a great boat ride, a feeding show, saw koalas, cassuaries….Tons of stuff, it was a fun day!
now back to Cairns, took a great shower at the hostel (but we’re still sleeping in the van until Friday)
Kissey will probably take us around Cairns in the next few days! we’ll see!!

Monday, April 10, 2006 – AIRLIE BEACH

Airlie beach is the getaway to the Whitsundays…except drinking and buying souvenirs, not much to do around here!! The main street is about 1 km long and once you’ve done that, you’ve been pretty much everywhere in the city! 🙂 There is also a lagoon just like in Cairns but the weather hasn’t been good enough to swin in it.

We sailed in the beautiful 65 foot sail boat DreamCatcher for two days two nights and that was quite an experience. There were 14 of us plus the skipper and host/decky who cooked us really good food!! We had vegetables dip every afternoon and pasta, salad, and the second night, we had steak and sausages!! It was just great! Best food i’ve had in weeks 🙂

The first night was a bit rough….heaps of waves, but no one got sick. Left early the next morning to go to Whithaven beach (that famous white beach) and it was incredible indeed!! I would’ve stayed there for hours! Never seen sand so white….just pure white! Then we headed to our snorkeling spot off Hook Island.
The snorkeling was GREAT! We met George a huge Giant Wrasse (or something like that) and met his little friends too…It was just so much fun. We had bought an underwater camera and rapidly went yesterday for develpment (pics on Phil’s site).

We were able to sail on our last day for a few hours going at a speed of approximaletly 8-9 knots with only the Gibb and the back sail….which is awesome! Had lots of fun.
Now back in Airlie beach, last day here….Not much to do except drinking 😉 but maybe not today as we are taking the bus a 6pm for Hervey Bay…another wonderful night bus….but another city (or village) to discover!
Can’t wait! The adventure continues…

Wednesday, April 12, 2006- FRASER ISLAND

I felt like I was on the Amazing Race. We had a briefing in the morning. 4 groups of 8 to 10 people were going to leave for a 3 day/2 night adventure on Fraser island, each driving their own 4wd car on the sand roads adn beaches…Wow…After an hour briefing, we went to the car central and packed our cars with the tents, the burners, the poles for the tent, the water tank, the coolers….first team ready had the most time left for the grocery. Basically, we had THE best team. We drove to the grocery store, had a total of 15 minutes to do all the shopping. The only thing is that we had to Italians with us who didn’t quite understood english…they understood 50 minutes! After 15 mnutes, we were all back at the car ready to go while the italians were at the coffee shop enjoying a nice little coffee!!! All the other teams were on their way to the ferry which was leaving at 11 sharp! We looked for the Ital;ians and finally found them and drove like crazy to get 3 minutes before the ferry left…Ouf!!

Our team: 3 Irish (2 guys, one was super cute and obvisouly the Irish girl’s boyfriend and the other one looked like Sam the Hobbit in the Lord of the Rings) 2 Itlaians, older, in their thirties, 2 Germans (a couple, the guy was a cameraman and photograph) and us! The two crazy canadians who drinks heaps of beer :p

Arrive on the island and wow! That driving is not going to be easy! Happily, i wasn’t driviing since i don’t drive standard!! 🙂 The Irish guy went first and was actually pretty good at it! After an intense 45 minutes of driving on the 10kms trak we ended up on the « highway » or the beach….super long and at low tide, it was a huge highway where al cars were driving to go north and south of the island! Went up to Indian Head to see the Champagne Pools and then back down to fund a camping spot close to the beach! Phil and I woke up for the sunrise the next morning to do shots for the codumentary…It was just awesome! Went down to Lake Wabby where there was an immense sand dune…I could’ve been in the midle of the desert, i’d never seen so much sand! It was really nice! Also went to Eli Creek…but at low tide I could walk in the creek instaed of swimming in it!! Obviously we also stopped at Maheno shipwreck, took pictures…

The last day we went to the famous Lake Mckenzie with crystal clear water and then headed back to the ferry for 4pm….

First team off the ferry, first team at the car shop, first team to empty our truck and get back to the hostel BEFORE the others so we could FINALLY take a good shower after 3 days camping! IT was just awesome!! I loved it! Had so muchg fun, we had a great team that worked well together! If I had to be on Survivor or the Amazing Race, I would’ve picked my team for odds of winning 🙂
We’re now in Noosa, leaving tomorrow for Brisbane where Dali is coming to join us in a few days!!!!! Beach is nice here, lots of fun! COming back oin the 2nd of may for those who were asking…soon :s
Happy easter everyone!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006- BRISBANE

Hey all!
I’ve been in Brisbane for a few days now. Pretty cool city, not too big considering that it’s the third largest city in Australia. They also have a lagoon here on the South Bank which is close to where we’re staying ( Somewhere to Stay hostel).
Visited a few free museum but mostly took some sun. David-Olivier arrived here yesterdat so we did a barbie to celebrate. Getting ready to leave tomorrow mornign for Surfers Paradise , staying there for 2 ngihts and then going to Byron Bay…
The end is near but I’m trying to enjoy every last day I have in this beautiful and perfect country!

Friday, April 21, 2006 SURFER’S PARADISE

We arrived in Surfers Paradise this morning and, so easy to backpack Australia, the hostel shuttle picked us up. Our hostel is I reckon on my top three of hostels so far: Trekkers, a bit far from the city, 20 some minutes to the beach but breakkie is included and it all looks nice….
Tomorrow night is Pub Crawl organized by the hostel so it will be pretty intense, especially with the two clowns I’m travelling with 🙂
What’s good about being 3 is that we can actually afford to eat good food….everything divided by three is so much better and Dali has just started his trip so he’s got plenty of money ….hehehe
So we keep having fun,enjoying the beach…the waves are really strong here, but I’m a bit of a wuss and I stay close to the shore, so no worries dear parents! :p
OZ rocks!

Monday, April 24, 2006- BYRON BAY

Who said surfing was easy?? Trust me it’s not!
I took a 4-hour surfing lesson and wow, I think i never swallowed so much salt water in my entire life!
I was first picked up around 1pm by the two instructors with their mini bus and all the surf boards. The instructors were two sexy Australians dudes…the lesson was going to be interesting 😉

They drove us south of Byron Bay, around 25 minutes south to Flat ROck beach, where there was no one to disturb us. The rips and currents are pretty strong in Australia so we had a 15 min. talk on security and where not to go. Then, a good 20 min, explaning to us how to stand up on our board. Seems pretty easy to do, especially if you’re on the beach. But for those who know me, i’ve never really been good in sports and, obviously, i was the only one not able to manage the stand up technique! (and I was still on the beach!)

So anyways, we jump into the water… First wave hit me and j’prends un mechant bouillon….ca commence ben! But I keep trying and trying and trying. The sexiest instructor comes to me and helps me to catch a wave. I do catch it but I’m obvisouly unable to stand up on the board.

The first hour and half in the water was just like that, catching a wave on my knees for 5-6 bouilllons in the salt water. I got frustrated pretty fast at myself…no need to mention that everyone esle was doing great and that everyone had at least once stood on their board (and that includes Phil who was able to catch almost every wave he saw and was actually able to surf like a real surfer).

We took a break from the big waves. I kept practising the technique on the beach and the instructors were wondering if there was something I wasn’t getting…:(
Jumped in the waves again for the last 50 minutes of the lesson. I was going to get up on that board!!! I tried and tried and tried again until I finally managed to stand up for a good 1.5 second! Okay, I admit, it’s not super long and I fell pretty hard in the water after but at least I was able to stand up on it! I did manage to stand up a few other times like taht but never more than 2 seconds…

Ouf! the lesson was finally over, I was exhausted. Believe me, the current and waves are really strong and it takes all your energy just to go out there and try to stay still to catch a wave! But the last part of the lesson turned out to be a lot of fun. I had salt water in my nose, in my ears, in my eyes, but hey man, i did surf in Australia!!!!
Can I tell you taht my body still hurts from the whole experience!!

After all this intense work out, we needed a day to chill. We took the Happy Coach to Nimbin, a hippie village about 1h45 inland from Byron Bay. And trust me it was a hippie village. People were selling pot cookies on the streets!! hahaha Our visiit didn’t last long, we spent most time in the bus but it was a really interesting village to visit for the « cultural » aspect :p

My return
okay, everyone is asking me when i’m coming back home. Here are the details….I wish heaps of people can make it to the airport, it would be a great ending to our documentary and you’d all be in it 😉
We’ll arrive at Montreal PET airport at 19h40 on the 2nd of may which is a Tuesday….Hope to see you all there! I miss you all!!

Friday, April 28, 2006- SYDNEY

That’s it that’s all….This is our last day in Australia (tomorrow barely counts since we have to go to the airport and everything)
I’ve walked the city so many times in the past few days, I know it by heart, it feels like home here and it is really sad to leave such a beautiful country.

This trip was the best experience ever and I learned so many things about life, about myself, about living with others, about culture, about the world! Travelling is, according to me as good, if not better, than going to university! You learn so much about life…

It has opened my eyes as to what i really wanted to do in life and I met people who were actually living this lifestyle! It’s incredible!

I did things and went through situations I would’ve never thought I’d be able to go through on my own. But I did it! I showed no fear….this whole experience just encourages me to keep travelling and experiencing life as it really is and to keep learning and meeting interesting people. I can’t wait for you all to see the documentary for this is what it’s all about, it’s about travelling as a way of living one’s life.

Can’t wait to see you all…and sleep in my own bed :p

Thanks for following us in our adventure….stay tuned for the next one 😉