Cette partie du blog est en anglais! Je venais de graduer de Concordia à l’époque et parlais anglais la majeure partie de mes journées… Oups 🙂 Traduction à venir !

Friday, January 20, 2006- BANGKOK

after a 12 hour flight from London to Bangkok, we finaly arrived this afternoon in Bangkok. The wait in London was super duper long and we had trouble adjusting to the jet lag. We slept for a good part of the flight to Bangkok.

When we got here this afternoon, we waited for the shutlle bus for 45 min and then the bus took us towards downtown…in the middle of the rush hour!!!! It was pretty intense! I think we stayed at the same spot for a good 30 min. At one point we decided it was too long, we got off the bus and started walking. It turned out it was as fast as the bus. The streets and sidewalks are soooo crowded here! It
First cultural shock: the bathrooms/showers….ItAnd the mattress, which iAnyways, we spent an hour or so walking around after our shower and wow! So many things for sale here and at such a good price! We
We walked around a little bit…went on a street where all the girls we waiting for men…seriously, i never thought i,d see this in my life..There were hundreds of them just waiting there in cute dresses…It was special to see….
WE didnt really feel like having thai food tonight , especially since were so tired that we can barely stand eating food…Well try some tomorrow….
So, that
Keep you posted!!

Monday, January 23, 2006- KO SAMUI

hey everyone!
Wow, this is paradise here…Nice beach, turquoise water, a bungalow to sleep in…what else can you ask for?

Last night we ended up in a bar (which is actually just a bar outside with chairs)which was called the Rasta Club….Yeah man! The barman who turned out to be the owner was a rasta man, thai 🙂 hahaha, only Bob Marley was playing, it was great!!!

Today we spent our first few hours on the beach ( we woke up at 6 am as usual, still ain(Phil is atually posting pictures of it as I speak )
We had a private guide for the whole afternoon and he was really interesting, he taught us tones of interesting things on Thai culture…:)
We are having the time of our lives…We are living so many people>s dream right now, it is unbeleivable..

Elephant ride in Koh Samui

Tonight we are just chillin on the beach drinking beer that cost us like 1,50$ each and tomorrow, well we.ll see but we/re still pretty

white….SFP 30 is really blocking the UV from the sun :p We might do some seadoo or scooter tomorrow…Well see how that goes..
For those of you who are concerned with our $$, first of all Thailand is really cheap and second of all, we. re going to Australia after and plan to work really hard to pay for whatever we took away from our bank account in this paradise island!!
Keep you posted!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006 KO PHI PHI

You won’t beleive your eyes when you’ll see the pictures on Phil’s website! Our hotel is the last one on the bach, a boat came to pick us up at
the pier and we had to jump on the water to get off it. The view from our room is just UNBELEIVABLE. We did an hour of kayak on the crystal clear
water for a big 3.50$ each and we are taking tons and tons of pictures…
Seriously, this is like Bora Bora here but cheaper!

"The" famous picture

I’ll write more details soon but this is paradise here! There
aren’t enougb words to describe how BEAUTIFUL it is here!!!
Come and join us!!!!
P.S. The Tsunami left a few scar in the village but i would say that 98% of the village is reconstructed….so no worries for those who are
coming to Thailand, this place still is paradise one year after Tsunami!

Sunday, January 29, 2006- PHUKET

Hi everyone!
My cold is getting better after a good night of sleep…The last one in a very comfortable bed before the real backpacking starts…Phuket
is soooooo touristic. We sat on the Patong beach today and felt as if we were on Virginia Beach during springbreak…Overcrowded, tons of Europeans and people selling stuff…Anyways, it was ok but I prefer Pee pee!! It So we’re heading for Bangkok (again) tonight…tomorrow
big day with many touristic places to visit and then big big shopping… Ihave a super long list!!

For those of you who are expecting postcards, we haven’t sent them yet, they’re written but we haven’t find an open post
office…so we’ll send them soon….Hopefully before we leave Thailand!! 🙂

Ciao ciao! I’ll write to you soon…maybe from OZ!

P.S. Patong’s beach and the surroundings really have the scar of the Tsunami…In Pee Pee, i guess they wroked harder to make it look like normal but here it is really so so…the sidewalks are hald there…The buildings are okay though….The beach, well is doesn’t have much trees on…

*La suite du voyage; Australie!*