Cette partie du blog est en anglais! Je venais de graduer de Concordia à l’époque et parlais anglais la majeure partie de mes journées… Oups 🙂 Traduction à venir !

*Suite du voyage en Australie*

Friday, February 17, 2006- CHRISTCHURCH

Hey all!! Well some of you don’t write often…Hope everything is going well for you all….Anyways so here we are in New Zealand!! Really hard to believe that we are again in another country!!!
We flew over it yesterday and wow!! Mountains, Mountains and mountains… We arrived at Christchurch which is one of the main « city » on the south Island and wow…it’s like a little country town. It’s small, i think we actually went around it yesterday trying to find a restaurant that was not chinese or asian to eat at… :p
So yeah, really peaceful city with no skycrapper….I don’t even know how many people this town has but it must be below 10 000


Oh yeah, funny thing, the cold water is on the left site and the hot water is on the right side here :p A bit confusing at first, i always have to look at the C and H signs before :p
So that’s pretty much what we’ve done so far here..We did our laundry last night ( on a friday night, yeah baby!) and Phil’s gonna get his hair cut today ( he really needs it :p )
I’ll write you back soon!!

Monday, February 20, 2006- FRANZ JOSEF

Wow!! Time goes by….so fast!! We did a lot since my last post… We left Christchurch by train on the …the 18th, I think it was! I’m so confused with dates! So we tok the Tranz Scenic train that took us across the country going through beautiful scenery (that’s where the name of the train is from 😉 ) We arrived at Greymouth in the middle of the day…..again a 5-8 street town with a McDo and a KFC….

We had a wonderful hostel called Noah’s Ark…Basically, all the rooms had an animal theme to it!! (Renee i thought about you, there was one for cows!! :p ) Unfortunately, there was this girl who was SNORING so LOUD!! I managed to sleep most of the night but Phil didn’t….he actually wanted to kill her this morning :p

Anyways, so this morning we grabbed the Magic Bus (basically, it’s like a bus pass we have with this company…they take us through a fized itinerary but if we decide to stay longer, such as where we are now, it’s fine since there are buses every morning, so we just hop on the next bus….We have to be back in Christchurch on the 28th of Feb, so till then, we are taking our time going down on the West Coast to Queenstown and then up the East coast to Christchurch.)

So this morning we left Greymouth towards Fazer Josef (where we are now) We stopped at Hokitika where they are big in Greenstone (marbre vert) and the beach over there has grey sand…pretty weird!

Then we went down to Ross, a gold mining town (town as in, there are 5 buildings….:p ) and then headed to Pukekura where there was a Bushmen museum ( Phil and I didn’t go…didn’t felt like it, we chilled outside with the deer and the Turkey…:p) Oh did you know that the Possum is overpopulating the whole region where we are…pour bus driver/tour guide asked us to run over a few if we drive in the area since they are killing the plants… :p
And now here we are at the bottom of a Glacier, Franz Josef glacier…we saw it this afternoon when we got here but now it is soooo cloudy that we can’t see it….We’re staying at the Chateau Franz, Phil and I are in separate dorms in different buildings…pretty funny! We’re staying here two nights and then heading south to Queenstown where we’ll spend most probably 3 days….Going to hike the Glacier tomorrow, i’m super excited…Phil isn’t as excited ’cause he’s seen glacier before in the west…
So that’s pretty much it for now folks! Internet is pretty expensive around here, and so is it to call….I guess it’s hard to get the phones to work…

Wednesday, February 22, 2006- QUEENSTOWN

Hello everyone!!
The Magic Bus took us to Queenstown yesterday…We didn’t have that much fun in Franz Josef since it was raining and the clouds were covering the mountains and glaciers…But it’s ok, we still got to experience the only bar in town : the Blue Ice bar, where we met 4 crazy quebecers with whom with drank a bot more beer than expected at the beginning of the evening :p

The ride from Franz to Queenstown was going up and down and right and left….felt a bit sick towards the end and had a headache…Took us all day to finally get down here…Where it is much colder. I’m actually thinking of buying a tuque for tomorrow day at Milford Sound…People wear winter jackets (ok, it’s not THAT cold, but i guess for them here, it is….)

We can do tons of stuff here ( we’re staying at the Southern Laughter) we have 3 days (4 nights- 1 gone already) Bungy jumping, paragliding, kayaking, hiking, rafting, skydiving, name it, you got it here!!! It’s the paradise for outdoor activities (David G, I know you’d love it here!!!)
So we’re planing a few things but we have a tour tomorrow at Milford sound which will take us through Te Anau and then to a cruise on Milford sound (apparently, it has the nicest scenery ever!!)

The town here is quite nice, bigger than what we’ve seen so far but very expensive..Even if our dollar is at our advantage in NZ, everything is more touristic oriented and costs a lot of money!! Phil says it looks a bit like Banff here, the Mountains, the little shops around the main street…
SO we’ll see what kind of crazy (but safe!) activities will do in the next few days!! 🙂

Take care all! We miss you!!

Friday, February 24, 2006- MILFORD SOUND

Wow!! I don’t think I have ever since so many beautiful scenery in my life…well, i’ve said that a few times during this trip but seriously, today was awesome (Osome, like the kiwis say it)!!

It was a really long day leaving at 7 am this morning and then driving (on the Magic bus!) for 2 hours towards Te Anau…The road taking us there was wonderful…Hips (lots) of sheeps and cows just chillin’ as the sun rise on the moutains behing them…WOW…

We stayed in Te Anau for a big 20 minutes as we needed to be the first bus in line to get to Milford Sound to catch our bus and be the first at the picture spots places on the road!! 🙂 Our bus driver was just skipping every other coach on the road…Good times! 🙂

Then we got to the Fiorland National Park!! WOW!! This is where they shot a part of the Lord of the Rings….we took some beautiful pictures (that we hope we’ll be able to put on the site soon…Can’t seem to know Windows XP around here…no internet cafe has it!!)
Huge moutains, crystal clear spring water coming down from gorgeous falls and a 12 km long tunnel going through a 800 m high moutain (a one lane tunnel with no lights at all in it! We couldn’t see each other’s face! It was that dark!)

Arrived at Milford Sound; population: 18 ! Jumped on a cruise ship that took us top to the Tasman Sea and all around Milford…And when I say around it, we were almost touching the moutains’ walls.

Saw some fured seals and some bottlenose dolphins!! 🙂 I reckon (think) it was the first time I saw real dolphins in their natural habitat (not in Sea World or at the aquarium) It was just great!! They were showing off :p (again took great pics…)

The ride back was a bit longer as we stopped less frequently…But we did go back to Te Anau, this time for 15 minutes :p
Anyways, it was a great day and we really enjoyed it…One of the « best days » of this trip!!
We just met the quebecers from the other day at Franz Josef on the street so i guess we might have a beer with them again tonight….but not as much as last time, tons of activites planned for tomorrow!!! 🙂
Write to you soon!

Saturday, February 25, 2006- QUEENSTOWN

Wow!! Did you ever jumped from a 43 meter high bridge?? I did it! I bungy jumped this afternoon and it was CRAZY!!!!! I’ve never, never, NEVER been that scared in my whole life!!! And lucky you, i’ve got it on DVD and I’ve got tons of pictures that we’ll put soon on the website super soon….WOW! It was just crazy, my heart stopped, i almost lost my shoe and I screamed as loud as I could….

The feeling was just incredible…really hard to describe! Anyways, it was really worth it!! Which is why i bought the dvd and pictures, I don’t think i’m gonna do this any time soon!!Anyways, while you wait for the pictures, check it out on the net: Queenstown, Kawarau Bridge!!!!!

Talk to you soon!! Leaving tomorrow for Dunedin..we’ll try to find an internet on which we can put more pics of NZ!

Ok, so to all of you who are worried, we are doing great, we’re all in one piece and it is the safest company to do bungee jumping with!! 🙂 So we’re sorry for all the worries we’re creating back home, especially to our moms…we really love you but we just had to do it! We’re okay now! It was an incredible experience and we’ll do our best not to do crazy stuff again…or at least not as crazy!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006 -DUNEDIN

Hey yall!
We’re in Dunedin! we got here this afternoon…it looks like Edinburgh in Scotland but the streets look like the ones in San Fransisco with lots of hills…. Not much to do around here except checkin emails and shopping….
Tomorrow, we’re heading towards Lake Tekapo!!!
Ciao ciao!

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